Aero Beekeeping Veil with Fencing Hood

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Field Tan
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EU 2016/425
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  • Aerated beekeeper veil with fencing hood, collapsible mesh, and elastic shoulder straps
  • Ultra-breathable 100% synthetic fabric (180 gsm) is aerated to keep you cool in hot weather conditions, while a lightweight foam insert provides outstanding protection against bee stings
  • Universal fit with an oversized mesh to protect your neck and shoulders, plus elastic shoulder straps to keep everything comfortably in place
  • Unisex design for men and women

Professional-grade beekeeping veil. Designed for comfort. Built to last.

Humble Bee aerated beekeeping veils are constructed from premium 100% synthetic fabric with a lightweight foam insert. We raised the bar on quality by employing reinforced triple arches to keep the veil off your face. We also added an oversized mesh to protect your neck and shoulders, plus elastic shoulder straps to keep the veil perfectly in place.

You're safe with extra strength, best-in-class protection against bee stings

Humble Bee aerated beekeeping veils utilize two layers of ultra-breathable (180 gsm) cloth that keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather conditions. Woven between the aerated fabric is a lightweight foam insert that prevents bee stingers from reaching your skin. With Humble Bee, say goodbye to painful bee stings and hello to extra strength protection and all-day comfort!

Universal fit for all male and female body types

Humble Bee aerated beekeeping veils come in one-size that fits all.

Your purchase makes a difference. Humble Bee donates 10% of earnings to charity.

Humble Bee is committed to helping local beekeepers and protecting bees around the world. That's why we donate 10% of our net profits to not-for-profit organizations that encourage local beekeeping activities and promote bee conservation efforts. Together, we can strengthen bee populations and ensure the art of beekeeping is passed on to future generations.

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